The OmniManager

As with all solutions in the ELITE family of products, it’s not just about the analog art, it’s about empowering you to do more and transform your program by way of; making it easier to control, easier to implement, and maximizing flexibility to scale with you.

Information in Real-time!

The Live View display page is a simple dashboard delivering to you live streaming data on each monitored device. Accessible anywhere on your network, from your mobile device to desktop. No special software is needed the ELITE WebUI is baked right into OMNIGND.

Personalize it.

Being such a scalable, multi-dimensional tool that gives you the freedom to monitor anything from floor mats, benches, even test fixtures and SMT machines, you need to be able to quickly identify exactly what’s being monitored. Each monitored port on the OMNIGND is user defined, meaning you can personalize not only the name and description for the main device itself, but each monitored port.

Keeping Track.

ESD events are invisible and they happen in milliseconds. Don’t just say you’re doing the right things, or assume you’ve taken every precaution—show that you are! Every event you define is captured and stored conveniently for you to access at any time right inside the OMNIManager. A lot of money and time is spent setting up your production lines, thereafter auditing them. The OMNIGND doesn’t just protect your resource investment, it removes your costly auditing tasks empowering you to continuously audit your lines.

If This Then That.

When an event happens, you need to know. And you need to control what happens next. The event driven system powered by VTR Technology gives you the ability to do just that. When an event trigger hits—automate your next action, you can choose to be alerted, be it an audible alarm or even a direct email. But it doesn’t stop there. Allowing a relay connected device to actually turn a tool on or off automatically can make a huge difference in combating damage from ESD events. But most importantly, VTR technology gives you something no other products can. Choices.

Perfect Timing.

Alarms are great, but really they don’t offer much value to you other than an audible alert. And when you set up your production lines, you know exactly what devices could pose threats if they electrically fault of malfunction. You, the ESD guru know exactly what to do, but do the operators? It wasn’t possible for you to be everywhere at all times—until now! Configure your relays to trigger not just external alerts, but power modes to connected devices such as soldering stations, power tools and pick and place that can introduce electrostatic discharge.

Down to the Ohm.

The centerpiece for your documented program controls, VTR Technology enables you to move from a static, one-size-fits-all compliance spec to forward-looking application based controls. A measurement range that is not only dead on accurate to the Ohm but is adjustable from 1 Ohm to 20 Megs. Precisely dial in your event triggers and alarms both for low and high limits. No longer are you limited by a manufacturer spec. Not only is each facility unique, each ESD area, line and even each work area is; VTR Technology facilitates you and your team to develop a dynamic core framework for your EPA, as a whole, while keeping your micro-controls decoupled for special applications.

Message Received.

Automated email event notifications can save you thousands of dollars per year. Channels for communication are required for effective controls, but this communication is manual and time consuming, leading to operational loss. Events often mean a pause in production, a call to supervision, and inspection for root causation, Replace these inefficient steps with automated email event notifications. Know exactly when a device becomes a threat no matter where you are in the world.

Simple for IT too.

The Network Page displays the network information for the OMNIGND Unit. Not only will the OMNIGND auto detect and configure itself on your network, advanced networking configuration such as DHCP, and IP assignment are painless. Take all the fuss out of networking. Network local OMNIGNDs and remote OMNIGNDs to manage across your Enterprise.