The Competitive Advantage

When contracts are on the line, time to market means millions, and outputs can be the difference between hitting profit projections—the ELITE Speedlane offers uncompromised assurance, precision accuracy, and the ultimate preventative defense for your production fab, day in and day out.

The Next Generation of ESD Program Management is Here!

Are you ready to level up and build an ESD Program that readies you for the future, keeps you ahead of compliance and provides data to make more informed decisions? if that's a yes, book a demo today with one of our product specialists!

Time Equals Money

Every penny counts, and bottlenecks cost 10’s of thousands every year. Process more personnel, in less time, with unparalleled speed. The ELITE is not just verifying the compliance of your workforce, it’s doing it faster, and increasing your time to productivity.

You’re Not Just Making a Statement, You’re Making a Quality Statement.

ESDA compliance only looks the part. Eliminate human factors before they hit the floor. The ELITE Speedlane is an armament of preventative access control that shows not only how serious you are about your Quality Systems, but how committed you are to taking the right precautions.

Accountability You Can Count On.

When accountability and ESD susceptibility cannot be compromised, and security cannot be negotiated, there is no better defense for your Manufacturing, Production and Quality Programs.

Assurances You Can Trust

Designed to give you peace of mind that everyone on the factory floor not only has the proper access privileges, but also meets compliance controls with the proper safety equipment.

No Tailgating, No Buddy Punching, No Compromise.

Three photoelectric sensors monitor traffic throughput preventing personnel from following behind one another and entering the EPA unverified.

Traffic Fault Detection

Along with tailgating, the ELITE Speedlane also prevents lane jumping and reverse entry. Traffic faults trigger audible and visual alarms. The entry lane is continuously monitored, prohibiting unauthorized access in the opposing direction by either keeping the lane closed or closing promptly until the traffic fault is resolved.

Bi-Directional Flow

Secured entry shouldn't add needless complications to your traffic flow or added expense to your operational budget with additional exit points. Bi-directional traffic flow is controlled intelligently through the ELITE Speedlane ESD Test System, without trade-offs to your security and controls.

Lightning Fast

The combination of the ELITE Speedlane get’s your workforce to work quicker. Able to process 100 people up to 5X faster than go-no-go ESD wrist strap and footwear test systems.

Test Equipment Reimagined

Combined with the latest digital technologies the Elite empowers you with a more robust set of configurable features, security, advanced access control, and by virtue of accurate and reliable data not only a connected Quality Program, but Manufacturing and Production, on upward throughout the Enterprise.

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