Workbench, Meet Benchmark.

The Sentinel redefines the standards—it’s a game changer. Setting a new benchmark that not only will move your ESD Program into the future, but will shift your entire Quality Program and elevate the processes designed to achieve your strategic and operational goals. We didn’t just create a wrist strap monitor, we created an entire new class of monitors. 

The Next Generation of ESD Program Management is Here!

Are you ready to level up and build an ESD Program that readies you for the future, keeps you ahead of compliance and provides data to make more informed decisions? if that's a yes, book a demo today with one of our product specialists!

Continuous Monitoring, Continuous Improvement.

With groundbreaking analog design, software intelligence, and data streaming in real-time, the Sentinel Continuous Monitoring System is the single most impactful investment to accelerate your operational performance.

The King’s Ransom.

The Sentinel empowers you and your team to more quickly and accurately mitigate risk, direct corrective actions, reinforce learning, and better identify improvement opportunities.

Data Science

Dynamic teams rely on data, accurate data. With a Sentinel on each bench monitoring your operators/handlers, tools and grounding paths, each data point fuels your Business Intelligence Team with the accelerant to keep building a smarter, more aware workforce.

Results Driven

Data allows you to become results-driven. As a driver to your strategic vision, you will see what works—under what conditions—run comparative analyses alongside process and controls, in turn use that information to more efficiently manage your resource allocation.

20/20 Vision

Alike, Management will gain greater visibility, and readily accessible data on controls and handling processes that impact production yields.

Automate More, Audit Less.

Transition auditing tasks from cyclical sampling to 100% coverage. The Sentinel supplies you with the data logs you need when you want it.

Total Path to Ground Monitoring

Total Path to Ground Monitoring flips the script. Revealing the age on long-held philosophies underpinning wrist strap monitors. The Sentinel’s one-of-a-kind design, is the first monitor to accurately display the resistance of the operator to ground.

The True Measure of a Monitor.

Total resistance to ground paints the picture from your point of view, as the operator, the source of voltage. The resistance equivalent of your dual conductor wrist strap is actually 500kR, a parallel path to ground, and this is how the Sentinel reads it. Where as all other wrist strap monitors measure each side of the wrist strap in series, for a total wrist strap resistance of 2MR, which is incorrect.

VTR Technology

Need we say more? Variable Test Resistance Technology™ is the secret sauce of all ELITE Test & Measurement Equipment, giving you complete and total control over the hardware. With no feature more paramount than a 100% adjustable monitoring circuit. Adjust your high and low fail ranges anywhere you wish, from 750k to 40M Ohms. CIM monitoring, anywhere from -35V to +35V. This means you aren’t stuck with what the manufacturer says is best—do what's best for you and your operation. This is what we refer to as Application Based Controls. One device, that can be as sensitive and strict as you need in one area, yet in another, as general as ESDA standards.

More Intelligent

The Sentinel doesn’t just monitor your wrist strap, it transforms it into a sensor, monitoring your grounding condition as you interact with your local environment, detecting not only exposure to ESD but safety hazards that may put you or your personnel at risk.

Hard Ground, Hard Truth.

In part, the resistor in a coil cord is to protect you. In a world where everything is grounded, you are exposed to a myriad of additional paths to ground—not all of them friendly. Specifically, those with little to zero resistance. If in contact with hard ground and concurrently an electrified equipment or tool, your risk of electrocution is imminent.

Not only does the Sentinel detect hard ground, it alerts you. No other monitor detects the situational grounding condition of an operator. In fact, they are unaware and deceptively display a good healthy operator ground, leaving you exposed to a potentially serious health and safety risk.

In Ground We Trust

No bench monitor is complete without monitoring the path to ground of your work surface. The Sentinel doesn’t display your surface ground as a blinky light, like others do, because that offers almost zero value. The Sentinel displays the actual resistance level of your work surface grounding path—allowing you to monitor the wear, and better understand the environment you are working in.

Voltage Detection

Hardware, hand tools and soldering stations can all transfer harmful voltage into your assemblies. Two Circuit Intrusion Monitoring ports (CIM), are designed to detect voltage events on assemblies or even voltage buildup on tools, like soldering iron tips.

Operator Standby & Automated Bench Control

Each operator remote features a parking bracket. This is designed for neatly hanging your wrist strap on when you leave the bench. The Sentinel will detect the park and place the monitor in a ready state. Additionally, the park feature can be configured to trigger the supplied relay on the Sentinel, which in turn can be wired to other TTL devices such as light fixtures and ionizers, shutting them down when you or your team members are not present at the bench.

Adjustable Test Settings

Fully adjustable from 0Ohms to 45MegOhms. Giving you total control over your calibrated test parameters with the freedom to configure wrist strap tolerances to match your programs compliance policies.

Results That Show

Each test doesn’t just display pass or fail, the Sentinel displays actual measured resistance. Because not every failure is catastrophic and some are just above tolerance, this can be seen and corrected, turning a failed test into Pass. Replacement can be a costly solution in both time and money, when fit and skin moisture are more often the culprit.

Calibration Cert

Documentation isn’t fun, we get that. That’s why we store each calibration certificate on the device itself, conveniently located in the ELITE WebUI. Always available, always in the same location.

Calibration Made Easy

Calibration Mode on the Sentinel is simple to use. Whether or not you have in-house metrology, with Calibration Mode you can verify your device in place, where it stands, in just a few quick minutes. Calibration Mode takes complexities and inconveniences out of the equation, ultimately reducing down-time and keeping your production running smoothly and focused on operational excellence.

Relay Control

Each event the Sentinel detects can trigger the relay, configurable in the ELITE WebUI. This TTL relay can be used to switch other devices (with TTL ports), like soldering stations. In this example, switching power in the event CIM measures voltage on your soldering tip. You can also simply connect it to a light tower.

Simple for IT too.

Not only will the Sentinel auto detect and configure itself on your network, advanced networking configuration such as DHCP, and IP assignment are painless. Take all the fuss out of networking.