The OMNIGND is unlike any other continuous monitor before, it stands alone as the most versatile of tools within the ESD Protected Area. Combining automation and intelligence into a single package that can flat out monitor more equipment, in more places, with more accuracy and more scalability.

The Next Generation of ESD Program Management is Here!

Are you ready to level up and build an ESD Program that readies you for the future, keeps you ahead of compliance and provides data to make more informed decisions? if that's a yes, book a demo today with one of our product specialists!

ROI You Can Measure

Every year, thousands of dollars in resources are swallowed up by cyclical auditing tasks to verify grounds and paths to ground. The OMNIGND will save you time and money, while increasing the efficiency and effectiveness of human capital by freeing up your auditors to focus on more productive, impactful projects for the organization.

Flip The Script

The OMNIGND allows you to move from prescriptive measurements to continuously measured results, delivering information in real-time to your auditors and data science teams.

Monitor Everything

Need to monitor mains facility grounds? How about floor mats, or benches, surface mount pick-and-place equipment, mechanical arms, or just simply your standard grounding paths?

And More

The OMNIGND is a multi-ground continuous monitor with full range adjustability from 0 Ohms to 35 M Ohms that can measure not just low and high resistance closed circuits, but monitor dirty and noisy grounds too.

Unlimited Potential

It’s not just monitoring your critical applications, it also provides a continuously monitored common point ground. With multiple 4mm banana type inputs and 5 screw terminals, the OMNIGND can accept over 20 incoming grounds. This gives you the flexibility to collect data on your most critical applications, and monitor the point of ground for your less critical equipment, such as ESD table mats, benches and ESD floor mats.


OMNIGND Software interface is a sleek, browser-based operating system running on every OMNIGND, which makes interacting with your OMNIGND a breeze. Featuring an intuitive UI, OmniManager makes accessing and viewing your data smarter and simpler.

Real-Time Event Driven Notifications

EPA Program Managers are dynamic, and often spend more time on the floor then at the desk. Which means information needs to be just as mobile and accessible—anywhere at all times. Each monitored port can be configured to send email notifications the moment an event happens. This will highly increase your reaction time and resolve issues before they impact your expensive assemblies.

On-Event TTL Relays

You can’t be everywhere at all times, and events can happen anywhere, anytime. Voltage on SMT heads, board handlers and test fixtures, even soldering stations, can all damage you ESDS components. This is why monitoring your equipment is extremely important. More so, critical these devices have a fail safe. With two TTL relays, you can tether your compatible equipment to the OMNIGND for automated machine to machine control and configure each relay to trigger on event.

VTR Technology

Your EPA is always changing, evolving and adapting, and the devices used to monitor the compliance therein should scale with it. VTR Technology gives you total control over nearly all functional hardware features. This includes, per port; resistance limits both high and low, naming, relay triggers, email notification events, and much, much more.