Verified known ground points.

8 Grounds

Processed, displayed and recorded.

Browser Based
In a web app.

System Alerts
Via email.

The OMNIGND, a Multi-Ground Continuous Monitoring Automation System, is the newest addition to the robust ELITE family of electronics from Botron Company Inc. With a rich feature set never before available, ESD facilities and sensitive component manufacturers can monitor critical grounds in real time in applications ranging from the benchtop to capital equipment.

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The Whole Package.

Acting not only as a ground hub, the OMNIGND is analyzing, recording and storing crucial information about your facilities’ grounds.

Often overlooked and forgotten is the importance of verifying quality grounding points. More so, quality grounding paths.

Your ESD program is only as strong as it’s weakest point and too often we see facilities operating under the assumptions that their grounding paths are always reliable.

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OMNIGND Software interface is a sleek, browser-based operating system running on every OMNIGND, which makes interacting with your OMNIGND a breeze. Featuring an intuitive UI, OmniManager makes accessing and viewing your data smarter and simpler.

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Technical Information


A full browser based software suite giving you total control over your device. Works on all windows and apple OS, compatible with Chrome, Firefox, and Safari.

Real Time Ground Status

Remote Access

Report Logs

VTR Control

Full Networking Suite

Event Triggers

Relay Triggers

Alert Responders

Data Logging & Reporting

The OMNIGND supports storage of event logs; including time and date, port ID and resistance level.

Time and Date

Port ID

Port Status

Event Triggers

Resistance Level

Port Calibration

Auto Alerts

Configurable to send email alerts on port status and power status.

Alert Port Failure

Alert Port Back to Stable

Includes Unit Name & Description

Includes Port Name & Description

High Fault Resistance/Status

Low Fault Resistance/Status

VTR Technology

The power is all yours. With Variable Test Resistance technology, control all device settings to fit your EPA and your structure.

Unique Device Name

Individual Port Naming

Field Descriptions

Port Control On/Off

Relay Delay

VTR Fail Low (as low as 1Ω (ohm))

VTR Fail High (as high as 20M)

Port Triggers

Port Events (email/relay connect)

Port Alarm

Ground Monitoring

Finally, measure and view actual resistance in real-time over the ground path. Monitor tools, ground critical equipment, capital equipment such as pick and place machines, bench grounds, electronic jigs and more.

8 Monitored Ports

OMNIGND for Verified Ground Path

Displays Actual Resistance

All Ports Configurable



Pick and Place Machines

Ground Critical Equipment



Tools e.g. Soldering Stations

Fail Low Limit 1Ω (ohm)

Fail High Limit 20M

Grounding Hub

A known and verified grounding point for all of your benchtop devices and ground critical applications.

6 Banana Jacks

5 Ring Terminals

Unlimited Amount of Ring Terminal Grounds

Solid Aluminum Block

Safety Features

Audible Buzzers

Auto email on event

Configurable by Port

Visible LCD Color Coded Alerts

LCD Display

An intuitive tri-colored display, unique in the function that interacts with monitored ground status.

Wide 2.75” x 1.5” Screen

Tri-Color LCD

Blue: Passive Mode

Green: Data Logging

Red: Ground Failure

Displays Monitored Resistance

Port Name (Ground Name)

Port Status

Network Status

TCP/IP Information

Calibration Range

Event Count

Ports & Connections

RJ11 Serial Connector

RJ45 Ethernet Connector

(2) Relay Ports

(8) Data Ports

Aluminum Grounding Hub

12V Power Jack DC/100mA


Interact with TTL equipped devices. Ability to shut equipment off or on, switch alarms, trigger lights and gates on alert events.

TTL Communication

On/Off Functionality

Switching Capacity 1A 30V DC

Power Limit Under 30V

Current Limit Under 1A

Voltage 30V DC

2 Relay Terminals, Screw Type

Recommended Wire Size 12AWG @ 0-13′

Recommended Wire Size 10AWG @ 13′-22′

Configurable Relay Delay


MAC Address

Host Name


IP Address



Primary DNS

Secondary DNS


5.5″ x 4″ x 1.38″ (w/Stand 2.24″)

13.97cm x 10.16cm x 3.51 (w/Stand 5.69cm)

What’s in the Box

1 B92700 OMNIGND Unit

1 Mounting Bracket

1 12V DC Power Cord

1 Ground Cord

1 Ethernet Cable

1 USB Cable

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