Rethink What You Know About ESD Program Management.

When we designed the most precision analog circuit, we didn’t stop there. That alone wasn’t what we set forth to do. We knew we could transform the way in which you manage an ESD program.

The Next Generation of ESD Program Management is Here!

Are you ready to level up and build an ESD Program that readies you for the future, keeps you ahead of compliance and provides data to make more informed decisions? if that's a yes, book a demo today with one of our product specialists!

Test Equipment Reimagined

Combined with the latest digital technologies the Elite empowers you with a more robust set of configurable features, security, advanced access control, and by virtue of accurate and reliable data not only a connected Quality Program, but Manufacturing and Production, on upward throughout the Enterprise.

Leverage the Power of Data.

Data should demonstrate you are doing the right things and taking the right precautions, keeping track of outcomes and identifying opportunities for improvement.


Make informed, smarter decisions backed by credible equipment. Botron believes in source-first, the philosophy underpinning the Elite Test Systems. Accuracy you can trust.

Big Data, Not Just Storage.

More data points, shared across more departments. It isn't just about storing test results. It's the utility of the data captured in each test.

ESD is Static. Your Program Doesn’t Have to be.

Reactive operational design stems from cyclical processes of review. The need for leadership to engage in proactive risk prevention is increasingly important. The ELITE Test Systems empowers QMS leaders to make rapid, decisive change improvement by monitoring test data continuously.

Change Improvement

Monitor and audit not only compliance, analyze test data against processes, spotting opportunity to make measurable change improvements.

Total Quality, Managed.

Audits are episodic. As a result ESD programs become habitually reactive. With test data streamed instantaneously, the ELITE enables internal audit to collect information continuously that supports auditing activities.

Auditing on Demand

Todays, yesterdays, last weeks, last years. In a single action generate, filter and sort test logs. Create scheduled reports with automated delivery, shareable with anyone, anywhere.

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Why Manage Electrostatic Discharge When You Can Prevent it?

Preventive Failure Mode, measure, calculate and reduce risk. Minimize human error, leaving less to chance.

Failure Prevention

Line failures expose your assemblies to electrostatic discharge. The ELITE, equipped Preventative Failure Mode acts as an early warning system, identifying high risk conditions. While aging grounding devices expose increasingly greater risks with wear, your personnel can introduce a myriad of unknown variables. Such as, dry skin, dirt, grime, improper usage and poor fit.

Red and Green is too Black and White

Pass and Fail just doesn’t cut it. This is why we incorporated yellow as a cautionary indicator for all functional test.

Security, Without Compromise.

You’re only as secure as your weakest point. Isolated security credentials, honor systems, and other forms of single factor verification leave your facility exposed to vulnerabilities.

Security Done Right

The ELITE is more than an ESD tester, it’s access control—on another level. A solution that offers multi-factor verification with frictionless integration into your existing secure system.

Unified Access Control

The option to control Wiegand data output offers greater unification with your facilities security endpoints.

Multi-Reader Capable

Do you have more than one ID interface protocol—barcode and proximity? Don’t worry about it, the ELITE Test Systems are multi-reader capable. Supporting over 50 different RFID cards and credentials from standard bit formats to Corporate 1000.

Authenticate, Verify, Document & Authorize.

We authenticate the user, verify ESD compliance, document the test record, authorize access…and we do all of this in under 2 seconds.

VTR Technology

When VTR Technology was first conceptualized, we introduced to the market 100% adjustable test range control. As time progressed, so did VTR Technology. Offering you complete control over all of the ELITE Tests System functionality. Baked right into our user-friendly ELITE WebUI.

Adjustable Test Settings

Fully adjustable from 2.5k to 1.5G Ohms. Giving you total control over your calibrated test parameters with the freedom to configure wrist strap, smock and footwear tolerances to match your programs compliance policies.


This isn’t ‘what you see is what you get’, or one-size-fits-all. What you get is an ESD tester that can grow with you, change as standards do, meet the needs of your customers with application based controls and compliance, the flexibility to be tolerant or strict. A test system that not only meets ESDA and European standards, but far exceeds them.

Results That Show

Each test doesn’t just display pass or fail, the ELITE displays actual measured resistance. Because not every failure is catastrophic and some are just above tolerance, this can be seen and corrected, turning a failed test into Pass. Replacement can be a costly solution in both time and money, when fit and skin moisture are more often the culprit.


TTL Relays, acting as functional switches, can be connected to many things, including light towers and gates. They can be configured to open on Passing test results, with controls over timing and delay. So if your gated entry is further away, the ELITE can time the release perfectly.

Device ID

The ELITE WebUI gives you the ability to define a unique identifier and description for each device on your network, making it easier to locate in your local or remote facility.

Badge Decoding

Your security stays with you. The ELITE’s built-in badge decoding system is not only an easy to use interface but it keeps your ID authentication safe, on premises. Storing up to 16 unique badge credentials and bit formats.

Calibration Cert

Documentation isn’t fun, we get that. That’s why we store each calibration certificate on the device itself, conveniently located in the ELITE WebUI. Always available, always in the same location.

Calibration Made Easy

Unique to only Elite Test Systems is our simple to use Calibration Mode. Whether or not you have in-house metrology, with Calibration Mode you can verify your tester in place, where it stands, in just a few quick minutes. Calibration Mode takes complexities and inconveniences out of the equation, ultimately reducing down-time and keeping your production running smoothly and focused on operational excellence.

Networking/ Connected Facilities

ESD Programs are often a silo, isolated from your Enterprise, the ELITE was designed to break this isolation. Become a more connected Organization—manage all of your ELITE Test Equipment from a central location, across multiple sites, be it under the same roof, in the next state, or another country.