Crazy Simple, Crazy Powerful.

The ELITE WebUI is webapp baked right into your ELITE equipment. It makes setup, configuration and customization super simple. You can access the ELITE WebUI anywhere on your network, from any device, be it mobile, tablet or desktop. Tools such as our Badge Decoding System and Calibration Mode have been designed to make some of your more consuming tasks frictionless and uncomplicated.

Information in Real-time!

The Live View screen is a display of real-time information streaming from the ELITE Test System. See who's testing (Name and ID), their Required Test and which devices they are actually testing, as well as the results of the test (Resistance, Pass, Fail, Pass High status).

Power Your ESD Program!

No other piece of ESD test equipment gives you this level of power! VTR Technology™ is all about customization, giving you unparalleled control over your test settings, down to 1% resistance decade. Freely adjust pass/fail calibration for each device individually; Wrist, Smock and Footwear from 200k Ohm to 1.5G Ohms1.

Cal Cert? Always on Record.

Simple, is one way to describe it. Convenient another. Your calibration certificate is stored exactly where you always know you can find it, right inside the ELITE WebUI. No need to fuss with paper or dig through file cabinets—simplify your auditing with a digital calibration record.

Stay Secure

Keep your security close to home. The user friendly ELITE badge decoding interface takes all the complication out of security issued personnel badge credentials and fully integrating your secure system with the ELITE. Each ELITE Stores 16 unique badge credentials2. Each credential can contain thousands of unique badges. So no need to worry, whether your personnel force is 100 people or 50k, the ELITE will handle it3.

Simple for IT too.

Not only will the ELITE auto detect and configure itself on your network. Advanced networking configuration such as DHCP, and IP assignment are painless. Take all the fuss out of networking. Network local ELITEs and remote ELITEs to manage across your Enterprise.

Everything Needs its Place.

When you have multiple devices, scattered in multiple areas, it can be confusing as to which piece of equipment is what, what access privileges belong where, the list goes on. Worry no more, each ELITE ESD Test System can be uniquely named, with a descriptor, to match your unique floorplan UID’s, which helps you quickly identify the location of your ELITE ESD Tester.

  • 11.5G Ohm’s is for Footwear only, Smock and Wrist are 100M Ohms.
  • 2Solely based on the reader installed at purchase.
  • 3Badge decoding capability depends on, but is not limited to, the type of badges you have, encryption, proprietary format and protocol. Not all badges will work with the ELITE.