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A leader in ESD safety, with a broad depth of products including anti static wrist staps, table mats, ESD footwear and test equipment.

We have all the static control products you will need to outfit your work stations and static safe environments.

Static Control Products - 'Ionization Audit Equipment'

AIM Electrostatic Field Meter

AIM Electrostatic Field Meter

Features: The Botron B48382 AIM Electrostatic Field Meter is a compact, portable survey instrument for measuring electrostatic charge. The AIM measures positive and negative polarity and electrostatic charges to 20 kV (20,000 V) at a distance of 1″ (25 mm). Results are simultaneously displayed both numerically and in bar graph format on the large LCD. The AIM is also great for measuring Ion Balance on your workbench ionization and displays polarity from -200V to +200V

Spec Sheet Series: B48382
Ionization Charge Plate Monitor

Charge Plate Monitor

Features: Botron’s B486288 Charge Plate Monitor with data storage capabilities measures and stores positive and negative decay as well as ion balance and stamps temperature, humidity, time and date. Fully programable test functions, with ability to run a series of automated tests with the push of a button. The B486288 will not leave you limited like other charge plates on the market. Comes with bundled software for easy management of your equipment.

Spec Sheet Series: B486288
Electrostatic Charger

Electrostatic Charger

Features: Designed as an add-on for the B48282C will charge the B48282, permitting it to test and monitor the balance of ionization devices.

Spec Sheet Series: B48282C
Electrostatic Field Meter

Electrostatic Field Meter

Features: The B48282 is a portable field meter used for detecting and measuring static potentials. Optional charge plate used to measure ionization.

Spec Sheet Series: B48282
Low Cost Field Meter

Low Cost Field Meter

Features: The ultra-portable B48281 is a low cost alternative to the B48282, and is used to measure electrostatic charges.

Spec Sheet Series: B48281

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