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Static Control Products - 'ELITE Test Equipment'

omnignd monitor

OMNIGND Multi-Ground Continuous Monitoring Automation System

Features: The B92700 OMNIGND, a Multi-Ground Continuous Monitoring Automation System, is the newest addition to the robust ELITE family of electronics from Botron Company Inc. With a rich feature set never before available, ESD facilities and sensitive component manufacturers can monitor critical grounds in real time in applications ranging from the benchtop to capital equipment.

Spec Sheet Series: B92700
ELITE Access Control Turnstile Test System

ELITE Access Control Turnstile Test System

Features: Protect your ESD sensitive work areas with Botrons’ all-new ELITE Access Control turnstile system. A very manageable way to ease and organize employee traffic both in and out of the work environment.

Spec Sheet Series: B88015, B88035, B88215, B89015, B88005, B88025, B88205, B88305, B89005
Sentinel Continuous Monitoring System

ELITE Sentinel Continuous Monitoring System

Features: The new state-of-the-art Botron ELITE Sentinel – dual operator monitor is a revolutionary design that fuses the latest technology with current ANSI/ESD S20.20 compliance. The Sentinel verifies personnel and workbenches like no other continuous monitor has before.

Spec Sheet Series: B92900

Elite ESD Tester

Features: ELITE ESD Test equipment is the most advanced the industry has to offer. The ELITE is a all in one turnkey solution designed from years of R&D to fit the needs of every customer. Featuring data logging capabilities, VTR technology, failure prevention mode, on board storage, networkable, expandability and easy integration.

Spec Sheet Series: B88000, B88001, B88010, B88020, B88025, B88030, B89000, B89005, B89200

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