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The ESD industries finest, taking pride in quality and customer satisfaction for 15 years strong.

Botron means Static Control and Static Control means safety. So, you can rest asured Botron is a safe bet for your ESD products.

Static Control Products - 'Clean Room'

ESD Cleanroom Wipes

Cleanroom Wipes

Features: Botron’s Cleanroom safe wipes are offered in 100% polyester as well as a non-woven cellulose/polyester blend. Both wipes are ideal for class 100 cleanroom environments. Our 100% polyester wipes feature laser sealed edges for maximum fiber retention. The Non-woven wipes are chemical resistant to most cleaning agents and are ideal for wiping ESD sensitive components.

Spec Sheet Series: B20099, B201212, B20199
ESD Cleanroom Paper

Cleanroom Safe Paper

Features: Botron’s ESD safe paper is uniquely formulated to reduce particulation and smudging. Ideal for controlled environments such as clean rooms and other static free zones. Lays flat and works great in mechanical printing machines.

Spec Sheet Series: B20811-W, B20811-B, B20811-G, B20811-Y, B208117-W, B208117-B, B208117-G, B208117-Y, B20911

Face Masks

Features: The disposable B20005 is a non-linting and non woven face mask. It features a floss covered elastic ear loop for comfort and support as well as a flexable sewn-in nose adjustment for a secure fit. With a high 95% BFE( Bacteria Filtration Efficiency) and low breathing resistance the B20005 offers great protection against airborne particles.

Spec Sheet Series: B20005
PCB Probe Tool

PCB Probe

Features: Botron’s PCB probe is a multi-probe with a forming tip at one end used when soldering and at the other end a hooking tip for holding wires.
B09622: 6″

Spec Sheet Series: B09622
Conductive Tape

Conductive Grid Tape

Features: Embedded conductive grid prevents static build-up. Available on 3″ cores in widths of 1/2″, 3/4″, 1″ and 2″ (118′ in length).

Spec Sheet Series: B1605, B1615, B1620, B1635
Lint Free ESD Glove

Lint Free ESD Safe Gloves

Features: Botron’s White Lint Free ESD Safe Gloves. Non-Scratch Touchscreen compatible. Color coded cuffs for size indentification in S, M, and L (packs of 10 gloves).

Spec Sheet Series: B6851, B6852, B6853

Bouffant Caps

Features: Polypropylene Bouffant caps are breathable and low-linting. Non-woven spunbonded fabric. Case 1000.

Spec Sheet Series: B20012
ESD Finger Cots

Dissipative Finger Cots

Features:Black dissipative powder-free finger cots. 100% natural latex, 5 gross per bag, 4 mil, For use with class I category <100v static sensitive devices.

Spec Sheet Series: B6841, B6842, B6843, B6844
Conductive Shoe Cover

Conductive Shoe Covers

Features: Conductive polypropylene shoe covers with non-woven fabric and conductive strip. 100/polybag, 3 per case.

Spec Sheet Series: B20020

ESD Safe Card Holders

Features: Botron’s ESD safe card holders are available in clear and blue, with a clip or without. 200/PK.

Spec Sheet Series: BH120, BH120C, BH121, BH121N, BH124, BH130, BH131, BH132, BH133C
esd tacky mats

Tacky Mats

Features: Botron’s Standard Tacky Mats are designed to significantly reduce foot and wheel contamination. The residue free mats use a tacky adhesive to remove particles from shoes and wheels. Tacky mats are low profile to be used without a frame and feature numbered peel tabs on each sheet for easy to remove layers.

Spec Sheet Series: B6923, B6945

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