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Spec Sheets

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BE3016 – Rubber Bands

BSTP20 – Non-Conductive IC Tube & Tray Straps

BSTP23 – Conductive IC Tube & Tray Straps

B0941 – Conductive 3 level Document Tray Set

B1930 – Fume Extractor

B8008 – ESD Safe Lotion

B8018 – Cleanstat Static Dissipative Rubber and Vinyl Mat Cleaner

B17156 – Small ESD Safe Conductive Waste Bin

B17157 – Waste Bin

B171836B – Cart Covers

B19004 – TAP-IT Solvent Dispenser

Anti Static Tapes

B1605 – Conductive Grid Tapes

B1613GS – Green Striped Cellulose Tapes

B1618M – Vinyl Floor Tapes

B1651 – Clear Cellulose Tapes

B1651P – Black Printed Cellulose Tapes

BHT53 – Hi Temp Masking Tapes

BK1653 – Hi Heat Kapton Tapes

BKA1608 – Hi Heat Low Static Polyimide Tapes

Binders & ESD Sheet Protectors

B7405 – Vinyl Binders

B7406 – Antistatic Sheet Protectors

B7417 – Drawing Holder

B7602 – ESD Safe Clipboard

B8511 – ESD Safe Paper

Clean Room

BH120 – ESD Safe Card Holders

B09622 – PCB Probe

B1605 – Conductive Grid Tapes

B6841 – Finger Cots

B6851 – Lint Free ESD Safe Gloves

B6923 – Tacky Mats

B7300 – ESD Smocks

B20005 – Face Masks

B20012 – Bouffant Caps

B20004 – Beard Covers

B20020 – Shoe Covers

B20024 – Skid-Free Shoe Covers

B20099 – Clean Room Wipes

B820811 – Clean Room Paper

Coil Cords

B2008 – Standard Coil Cords

B2008G – Lead Free Coil Cords

B2108 – Light Weight Coil Cords

B2118 – 90 Degree Coil Cords

B2184 – Dual Coil Cords

B2208 – Gray Coil Cords

B2508 – GEM Coil Cords

Conductive Trays

B09501 – Conductive Trays

B19025 – PCB Board Handler

B19026 – Conductive Board Holder

Conductive Tweezers

B09901 – Conductive Tweezers

ELITE Test Equipment

ELITE Sentinel

ELITE Tester

ESD Calibration Equipment

B85503 – Calibration Unit

ESD Chairs

B070062 – ESD Safe Cloth Chair

ESD Table Mats

B3123 – Three Layer Rubber ESD Mats

B4123 – Dissipative Vinyl Three Layer ESD Mats

B5123 – Dissipative Solid Vinyl Anti Static Mats

B5418 – Disk Drive Mat

B5518 – Technical Operator Pads

B6223 – Dissipative Two Layer Rubber ESD Mat

B6523 – Premium Two Layer Rubber ESD Mats

BV7123 – Value Two Layer Rubber ESD Mats

ESD Test Stations

ELITE Tester

B8506 – Wall Mount Test Station

B8525 – Deluxe Dual Test Station

B82250 – Dual Combo Test Station

B82450 – Combo Test Station

Field Service Kits

B1715 – ESD Pocket Field Service Kits

B1724 – ESD Field Service Kits

Floor Care

B8305 – Cleanstat 4 Floor Cleaner

B8105 – Cleanstat 4 Floor Finish

B8775G – Epoxy Floor Paint

Floor Mats

BEM35 – Type EM Floor Mat

BF435 – Anti-Fatigue 3/8 Type F Mats

BV435 – V-Groove Floor Mats

B4035 – Diamond Plate Anti-Fatigue Mat

B4423 – Conductive Soft Foot Floor Mats

B4723 – Relax Comfort Anti-Fatigue Mats

B5723 – Smooth Top Anti-Fatigue Mats

B7023 – Vinyl Rubber Anti-Fatigue 3/8 VR Mats


B6811 – ESD Palm Fit Gloves

B6821 – ESD Safe PVC Dot Gloves

B6831 – Inspection Gloves

B6851 – Lint Free ESD Safe Gloves

B6861 – Nitrile Gloves

B20001 – Latex Class 100 Gloves


B9701 – Floor Mat Ground

B9703 – Common Point Ground

B9704 – Quad Common Point Ground

B9715 – Straight Wire Ground

B9742 – Molded Dual Bench Ground

B9743 – Metal Dual Bench Ground


B9844 – Snap Tool

Heel Grounders

B7500 – Ergo-One Heel Grounder

B7503 – Standard Heel Grounder

B7505 – Full Coverage Sole Grounder

B7522 – Ergo One Toe Grounder

B7525 – Snap Loc Heel Grounder

B7529 – D-Ring Heel Grounder

B7530 – Yellow Day Glow Heel Grounder

B75250 – Blue Velcro Yellow Heel Grounder

B7571 – Non-Marking Heel Grounder

B750368 – Disposable Heel Grounder

B20020 – Conductive Shoe Covers

Ionization Audit Equipment

B48281 – Low Cost Field Meter

B48282 – Electrostatic Field Meter

B48282C – Electrostatic Charger

B48382 – AIM Electrostatic Field Meter

B486288 – Charge Plate Monitor

Ionization Equipment

B486NOP – Air Nozzle

B486102 – 2 Fan Overhead Ionizer

B486103 – 3 Fan Overhead Ionizer

B486104 – 4 Fan Overhead Ionizer

B486110 – Small Ionizer

B486121 – Bench Top Ionizer

B486150 – Dual Fan Ionizer

B488000 – Static Bar

B486615AG – Ionizer Blow Gun

B496201 – Intelligent Bench Ionizer

B496202 – Intelligent 2 Fan Overhead Ionizer

B496203 – Intelligent 3 Fan Overhead Ionizer

Labels & ESD Signs

B6712 – Writable Labels JEDC-14

B6713 – Reusable Label

B6716 – 1″x 6″ Bench Sign – Static Safe Work Area

B6717 – Self Adhesive Static Awareness Poster

B6720 – Two Sided ESD Awareness Hanging Sign

B6728 – Mill Standard Labels

JEDC 14 Labels

B6747 – 4″x 10″ ESD Sign – Observe Precautions

B67101 – Lead Free Label

B67102 – Lead Free Label 2 Color

B67016 – 1″ x 6″ Lead Free Sign

B67410 – 4″x 10″ Lead Free Sign


B1618L – Lead Free Area Floor Tape

B9008G – Lead Free Green Wrist Strap Sets

B67101 – Lead Free Label

B67102 – Lead Free Label 2 Color

B67016 – 1″ x 6″ Lead Free Sign

B67410 – 4″x 10″ Lead Free Sign


B9201 – One Operator Monitor

B9202 – Continuous Monitor

B9203 – Dual Operator Continuous Monitor

B9203TB – Continuous Monitor Test Box

B92500 – GEM GroundHog Continuous Monitor

ELITE Sentinel


B8008 – Lotion MSDS

B8011 – Mat Cleaner MSDS

B8101 – Floor Finish MSDS

B8301 – Floor Cleaner MSDS

B8305 – Floor Cleaner MSDS

B8400 – Spray Buff MSDS

B8775 – Paint MSDS


BAVC20 – Vacuum Sealers

BAVN30 – Vacuum Sealers

BAVS20 – Vacuum Sealers

B1308 – Conductive Foam

B12000 – ESD Shielding Zip Bags: Metal-In

B13000 – ESD Shielding Flat Bags: Metal-In

B15046 – Anti Static Pouches

B16035 – Anti Static Bags

B13035 – ESD Shielding Bags: Metal-Out

B17046 – Conductive Bags

Resistance Testers

B8572 – Digital and Analogue Audit Test Kit

B8582 – Humidity and Temperature Audit Kit

ELITE Tester

Resistivity Testers

B8560 – Surface Res Meter

B8562 – 100V Surface Resistivity Meter

B8562KIT – 100V Surface Resistivity Kit

BSRM-6 – 6 Light Surface Resistivity Meter

BSRM-10 – 10 Light Surface Resistivity Meter


B7302C – Blue Jacket w/ Conductive Cuffs

B7332 – White Lightweight Jacket w/ Snap Cuffs

B7352 – Blue Pullover Smock

B7302 – Blue Lightweight Jacket w/ Snap Cuffs

Tape Dispensers

B1000 – Multi Length Programmable Tape Dispenser

B1601 – Desktop ESD Tape Dispensers

B1606 – ESD Safe Conductive Tape Dispensers

B1607 – ESD Safe Conductive Tape Dispensers

B2000 – Automatic Tape Carousel

B5000 – Automatic Cutting Tape Dispenser

Tools & Hardware

B0923 – ESD Wire Strippers

B09170G – Micro Cutters

B09622 – PCB Probe

B09920 – Conductive Brush

B09921 – Conductive Brush

B09922 – Conductive Brush

B09924 – Conductive Brush

B09925 – Conductive Brush

B09926 – Conductive Brush

B09927 – Conductive Brush

Wrist Straps
B9008 – Standard Adjustable Wrist Strap

B9258 – Hook and Loop Wrist Strap

B9358 – Dual Wrist Strap

B9506- Dual Adjustable Fabric Wrist Strap

B9478 – Black Adjustable Metal Wrist Strap

B9487 – Dual Wire Black Metal Wrist Strap

B9508 – Slide Adjustable Wrist Strap

B9601-5406 – Disposable Wrist Strap

B9606 – Adjustable Plastic Wrist Strap Set

B9608 – Constant Contact Hinge Wrist Strap

B96108 – Burgundy Constant Contact Hinge Wrist Strap

B9978 – GEM Wrist Strap

B9601-5406 – Disposable Wrist Strap

Wrist Strap & Footwear Testers

ELITE Tester

B8201 – Wrist Strap Tester

B8202 – Low Cost Wrist Strap Tester

B8203 – Portable Wrist Strap Tester

B8211 – Combo Tester

B82251 – Dual Combo Tester

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