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Snap-Loc Heel Grounder

Botron’s highly durable Snap-Loc Heel Grounder is offered in 1 meg, 2 meg and no resistor applications. With a larger cup design than our competitors, Botron’s ESD heel grounder provides maximum coverage for a more reliable path to ground.



Part Numbers

ESD Heel Grounder


Cup design:
The cup of the Snap-Loc Heel Grounder is a symmetrical design that can be reversed when put on. It also features a dual layer rubber with a non-marking inside and a conductive rubber outside. As with all of our static control heel grounders the Ergo One Series has a 1.5” wide rubber, securing both at the back and underneath the heel. It’s 7.5” length rubber provides enough cup volume to fit comfortably on those with larger shoe sizes.

Fastening System:
This is a Snap-loc system. Measuring .75 wide by 12” in length, it’s ergonomic design is for both comfort and practicality. The strong plastic Snap-Loc attachments ensure easy adjustment for comfort and a strong connection.

Our ESD heel grounders come standard with a conductive 18” ribbon. All resistors are built in and are available in 1meg or 2meg applications, also available in no resistor.


Standard Loop and elastic strap
Plastic locking snap mechanism
1.5″ x 7″ 2 layer rubber
Non-marking rubber interior
Conductive rubber outer layer
Built in resistor
18″ conductive nylon ribbon

1 MegOhm, 2 MegOhm, and No-Resistor models


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Part Numbers

  • B7525 Black Elastic 1 MegOhm Resistor
  • B7526 Black Elastic No Resistor
  • B7527 Black Elastic 2 MegOhm Resistor

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