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A leader in ESD safety, with a broad depth of products including anti static wrist staps, table mats, ESD footwear and test equipment.

We have all the static control products you will need to outfit your work stations and static safe environments.

ESD Shielding Bags

Shield-It Metal In Flat Bag

Features: Botron’s 13000 Series Metal-In Flat Shielding Bags are made from a layered, metalized polyester with static dissipative inner and outer layers.

  • Dissipative Outer Layer
  • Puncture Resistant
  • Metal-In
  • Noncorrosive
  • Semi Transparent

Sizes range from 2″x 3″ to 18″x 30″ with flat top.

Spec Sheet Series: B13023, B13033, B13035, B13044, B13046, B13048, B13430, B13058, B13510, B13068, B13610, B13715, B13810, B13812, B13912, B131012, B131014, B131024, B131030, B131115, B131518, B131624, B131818, B131824

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