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Lead Free Wrist Strap

Lead Free RoHS compliant work zone ESD wrist straps. Designed with a robust green band and face plate, the green B9008G anti static wrist strap is the perfect solution for lead free work stations.



Part Numbers

Lead Free Wrist Strap


Botron’s green adjustable wrist strap set is available with a 6′ or 12’ standard coil cord. The green woven fabric has a soft outer area and a 5/8″ conductive area on the inside. Unlike many others which have 3-5 rows of conductive thread, these have a 5/8″ area of solid conductive material, the largest conductive area on the market.

Lead-free RoHS compliant
Available in Green
One size fits all
Barrel type banana jack
1/8″ (4mm) stud
Coil has built in One meg ohm resistor
Excellent strain relief
Removable alligator clip with set

Grounding and Mounting:
Conductive woven band and solid metal plate design provide superior reliability to ground. ESD Grounds are available with a spring loaded 1/8″ (4mm) or 1/4″ (7mm) socket connectors to standard banana jack. Attaches to ground via standard banana jack or alligator clip. Each cord comes with a slip on alligator clip that attaches to the banana jack for greater expansion of use.

ESD Applications
Anti static wrist straps are great personal grounding solutions. They should be securely attached either directly to the ground or via banana jack to an ESD table mat or ESD floor mat. Compatible with all Botron constant monitors, table and floor mat grounds, as well as ESD bench grounds.


Knitted 3/4″ wide stretch elastic and cotton band
5/8″ wide conductive woven thread
Stainless steel back plate
Composite face with metal stud
PVC cord and 7 strand tinsel wire

Meets Standards:

Green band with green coil cord

Click here to download Spec Sheet

Part Numbers:

B9008G Green “Lead Free” Adjustable set with 6′ coil 1/8″
B9028G Green “Lead Free” Adjustable set with 6′ coil 1/8″
B9038G Green “Lead Free” band only with 1/8″ stud

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