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G.E.M. Grounding Electronic Module

A Ground Hub & More

The G.E.M. B92500 GroundHog Monitoring System is a revolutionary new tool. Acting as a hub for up to 22 grounding points, you can now verify the quality of the ground point and the potential of each incoming ground.

With both an audible alarm and large multicolored LED indicator, identifying problems at the point of ground has never been more fool proof. Featuring Botron’s uniquely designed Audit Verifying Ground (AVG) jack, checking benches, grounds, carts and much more has never been easier.

22 Grounding Points

Featuring two aluminum grounding blocks that support up to 22 incoming grounds. When in use as a grounding hub, the B92500 GroundHog Monitor provides 12 jacks for banana type connections, as well as 10 ring terminal connections.

Once plugged into an AC outlet the GroundHog acts as a continuous ground monitor, always verifying the integrity of the ground.

AVG Audit Verifying Ground

When using the AVG feature, the GroundHog turns into a ground potential verifying wizard. There is no need to lug around cumbersome 5lbs weights, simply connect the test lead to the AVG jack and with the other end probing various points of equipment, the GroundHog will verify it’s path to ground. Equipment such as carts can now be verified in a matter of seconds.

Compact Design

The compact design of the G.E.M. B92500 GroundHog Monitor maximizes usefulness in small area that is otherwise normally limiting. Capable of being plugged into any standard 120V wall socket. The GroundHog does not take up both plugs, thus leaving you an accessible power outlet if need be.

Technical Specifications

Size and Weight

Width: 2.93 inches (7.44 cm)
Height: 4.09 inches (10.4 cm)
Depth: 1.6 inch (4.1 cm)
Weight: .5 lbs. (.45 kg)

Connections and Expansion

  • 2 x 6 (12) banana type
  • 2 x 5 (10) ring terminal
  • 1 banana type (AVG)

LED Status

  • Blue – Ground Pass
  • Red – Ground Fail
  • Green – <20k ohms
  • Yellow – <20k – <240k ohms


  • Ground: Pass – <2k ohms
  • Ground: Fail – <3k ohms
  • AVG: Pass – <2k ohms
  • AVG: Pass High – <2k – <240k ohms


  • Multicolored LED ground icon


  • Input: 120V at 50mA


Built-in audible failure alarm

Part Numbers

GroundHog Monitor – B92500

  • One GroundHog Monitor
  • Two Grounding Blocks
  • One AVG Test Lead

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