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ESD Floor Cleaner

Botron’s Easy Clean floor cleaner helps restore ESD treated floors and improve their conductivity.



Part Numbers

ESD Floor Cleaner


Botron’s ESD floor cleaner when used regularly will prevent ESD flooring from loosing it’s electrical. Routine maintenance of ESD treated floors with Botron’s Easy Clean is recommended to uphold the integrity and longevity of your ESD floor. It is quick drying and leaves no need for rinsing.

Quick drying
Restores floor conductivity
Lead-free RoHS compliant

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ESD Usage:
Use once (or as needed) per week in light trafficked areas.
Use 1 – 2 times (or as needed) per week in heavy trafficked areas.
Mix 1/2 to two ounces with one gallon of water, depending on the soil level.

Part Numbers:

B8301 ESD floor cleaner 1 gallon
B8305 ESD floor cleaner 5 gallon

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