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ESD Logging Intelligent Test Equipment ®

The ELITE Features
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The ELITE is not just about pass or fail.
What happens if a worker is close to failure and they head out to the work bench and fail on the line? Latency, the biggest problem in the ESD Industry. Well with the ELITE its test parameters can be set internally. How does this help? With the ELITE you don’t only set the test range you can within that set a preventative fixed test limit that informs both the worker and supervisor of equipment in danger of failure.

Testing Dynamics.
The ELITE takes it further. Not only does ELITE ESD tester test both wrist straps and footwear, it tests dual cord wrist straps and both right and left foot heel grounders individually. You can set parameters for testing to be tailored for each employee. Say employee A only needs to test their wrist strap, employee B has to test only ESD footwear but employee C needs to test both with a wrist strap and footwear. With the ELITE you can program testing parameters for each employee separate from one another.
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Programmable Key Pad.
Not every facility has barcodes or HID ID cards for their employees. Don’t fret. With the ELITE, the worker can simply enter their employee ID number into the tester and then they are ready to test.
The Key Pad is also used to program the module. Supervisors can set actual test range’s and set test parameters directly on the unit.
Solid State Test Surface.
The ELITE test button is not like any other tester on the market, in fact its not a button at all. Its solid state design has no moving parts or mechanical devises. This means you wont have to worry about button switches breaking or deteriorating over time. You simply place your finger on the surface and in virtually real time, your test results display.
Bigger is better.
The ELITE comes standard with a 128×64 large digital LCD screen. It displays actual test resistance for the wrist strap and both right and left feet, individually. It also displays employee name and ID as well as time, temperature, relative humidity and current online/offline status.
LED Pass/Fail Indicators.
Built in multi colored LED’s display 4 colors according to test results. The Icons are vivid and bright.
Its pretty simple, Green – pass, Red – fail, Yellow – about to fail (meaning its time to change your equipment out) and lastly, Blue – idle state.
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Laser Barcode Scanner.
No sliding or swiping needed, just wave your ID badge under the scanner and your ready to go. The ELITE will then take over and set the tester according to the parameters programed by the supervisor for that individual employee.
Expansion Ports.
RS 485 for daisy chaining
RS 232 direct connection
Ethernet for networking
Wiegand interface for HID proximity
PLC Output Relays.
The ELITE has two output relays built in. Why do you need this? Hook the ELITE up to a turnstile, door, or gate and let the tester control if employees are able to enter the work lab (per supervisors settings based on test results).
The second relay is provided so you can attach a light or some other form of visual representation of test results.

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