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Resistance, Resistivity, Reassurance.

The ELITE, defined clearly as luxury.

VTR Technology
The ELITE, using Variable Test Resistance technology, is the most accurate tester on the market. Each unit is embedded with our VTR software calibration system that reads to the thousandth of a resistance decade. Being hard-coded means no screw drivers, dip switches or default test to get within OEM spec. The ELITE saves you time. VTR allows us to simply flash each ELITE to spec. No more sending testers back to the manufacturer and having to pull out some back up tester while you wait for what can be weeks for factory calibration. The ELITE brings an end to down time.
Customization at your finger tips.
With other ESD testers on the market you’re stuck with factory test settings. Unfortunatly, not every facility has the same test requirments. With the VTR system however, you can time in your own test settings for both footwear and wrist straps. Test ranges for footwear can be taylored anywhere from 100k – 1000k Lo and 1.0M – 1.5G Hi, while wrist straps can be customized within the range of 100k – 1000k Lo and 1.0M – 50M Hi.
Results that show.
All ELITE models come standard with a large 128×64 back lit LCD. That’s about 3 times larger than any other tester in the industry. With a larger LCD the ELITE can display comfortably, the date, time, relative humidity, temperature, and most importantly the actual test resistance for wrist straps and both right and left feet on screen.
The ELITE doesn’t stop there, however. The ELITE’s built in VTR technology displays a threshold graph that visually informs the worker of where their test results place within the allowable test parameters. This allows the worker to monitor their ESD heel grounds and wrist straps from test to test and first, predict and then prevent failures.
One of the many draw backs of “on-demand” testers is really not knowing for certain the factory calibration settings. With the ELITE and it’s VTR technology you do not have to refer to the data spec sheet. Whether you are auditor, supervisor, or metrology the ELITE will display calibration specifications and custom test parameters on screen.

Accuracy and reliability every test.
With the ELITE testing at 30 volts is a precaution we took to avoid inaccurate tests that plague almost all ESD testers on the market today.
There is a wide range of benefits that come with using a 30 volt test. So this is why we made 30v standard on all ELITE models. Do you really know how accurate your current tester is or what voltage it is testing at? Chances are its only sending out 9v and in that case it’s not all that consistent.
While 9v is fine for ESD wrist straps it is shaky at best for ESD shoes and heel grounders. What happens is dirt and other contaminates build up over usage and cause the resistance to go up. In the case of ESD shoes, resistance can be upwards of 1GIg. Therefor, 9v is more like 2v and no longer is a strong enough current to preform a accurate test. At a 1Gig load the ELITE will easily cut through the increased resistance and preform tests safely above 18 volts.

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