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Smock and Awe.

Complete ESD Coverage from Smock to Toe

Test More than Before.

Testing smocks is something that has been overlooked in the past, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t necessary. Often tedious, lugging 5 pound weights and going through smock after smock, in many instances it’s done sparingly if at all. That in itself creates a major gap in an effective ESD program. Verifying Smocks are vital to a safe work environment, and in many cases are used as frequently as heel grounders and wrist straps.
So why has it been so overlooked? Well, until now there has been no reasonable option to perform smock verification at the point of entry. Enter, the B88040 ELITE Complete Smock Test System, the first point of entry smock tester and still the most complete ESD Test System on the market.


The B88040 ELITE Smock Tester has an array of new features. First and foremost, the ability to test smocks in addition to wrist straps and footwear, or any combination of the three at the same time. This gives you absolute and full verification of the three major personal grounding protective devices. With the ability to test smocks at the point of entry, you will now see a major improvements in both time management and cost savings with the capabilities to track each garments life expectancy.

The Bigger Picture.

Push Mode, a new and very adept feature, displays in real time every test on an external monitor while outputting results directly to a dedicated printer. When used in conjunction with a label printer, you then have an easily identifiable ‘badge’ that is to be worn by all who enter the lab.

Bridge the Gap.

Shielding static charge generated by clothing on personnel from ESD sensitive components is an integral part of ESD safety. A smock creates a faraday cage effect, protecting both personnel and ESD sensitive devices. The ELITE lets you know that your smock is performing properly, clearly showing you with bright LED indicators and an easy to read LCD screen whether your smock is testing high, passing or failing.
With the ELITE Smock Test System you now have total control. Using our powerful VTR technology, you now have the capability to customize your own test settings on smocks. Test ranges for smocks can be customized within the range of 500k – 1000k Low and 1.0M – 50M High.

Need A Push?

Push Mode is a PC dependent interface that allows for a more convenient interaction between the user and the ELITE. When paired with a dedicated printer, the ELITE will push test results simultaneously to it. On screen the display will indicate if the ELITE is online, the user ID and name, as well as test requirements. Push Mode excels in labs with frequent visitors such as auditors, supervisors, product reps and even outside personnel who may need entry to a different section of the facility. Push Mode does not store onboard test results and works directly with ELITE Enterprise.

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