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A Solid State Test Surface.
A quicker test mean no employee bottle necking at the test area. The older systems you see currently are becoming rapidly inefficient. With multiple components and outdated technologies, employees will be building up in line while the ELITE processes results in virtually real time, less than 1 second.
The bottom line of using a solid state test surface is reliability. Along with its consistent accuracy and speed, the fact that it has no moving parts means it doesn’t break down. Mechanical button and switch operating testers however, do wear and break over time.
Clean and Compact.
The ELITE is an all in one unit. What you get with other testers on the market is a archaic design with many components. While other testers have one unit for barcode scanning, another for HID readers, a separate keypad, stand alone clock, and finally a testing unit, the ELITE comes standard with it all built in a single compact design.
More parts just means more things that can go wrong. With the ELITE ESD tester you don’t have to worry about messy cords and cables all over the place.
Built under patent #6,078,785.
Bright colors give a clear visual.
The ELITE’s LED system makes things simple. Other testers use yellow as a fail hi and fail low. This practice is old and doesn’t make much sense in our society. The idea of the ELITE is prevention, the old system found in other testers does not accommodate failure prevention. With the same common idea we see with stop lights, the LED’s built into the ELITE illuminate red, green and yellow.
Another big problem found in older systems is the exposed LED. One, it’s merely a bulb. Two, in a well lit work environment it’s hard to tell if the bulb is lit and whether bulbs that shouldn’t be lit are lit. It’s confusing. The only thing you have to look at with the ELITE is its large feet and wrist strap LED diffusers. There is no confusion when these light up.
The ELITE works smarter not harder. The older systems you see on the market use in many cases 9 LED lights. The ELITE totals 3 with the use of multi colored LED technology. What this means is, there is less to confusion and it operates more economical.

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