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Conductive Grid Tape

Botron’s dual layer anti static, non-smudging and cracking conductive grid tape is used for EMI shielding applications.



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Grid Tape


Conductive grid tape is a 2 mil thick copolymer with a charge decay of <.014 seconds. Available on 3″ cores in widths of 1/2″, 3/4″, 1″ and 2″ (118′ in length).

Acrylic based adhesive
Generates <50 Volts Tensile strength 270N/mm sq. Will not tribocharge @ 50% RH Lead-free RoHS compliant Non-corrosive

ESD Applications
Botron’s anti static grid tape can be used in a variety of forms. It’s most common usages are for electromagnetic interference (EMI) shielding and covering pins, connectors and plugs on electronic equipment during storage or transportation.


Three layer copolymer
1.9 – 2 Mil thickness
Acrylic adhesive

<0-50 volts @50%RH Copolymer layer <1012
Adhesive <109
Grid layer <105 @50%RH

Tan with Black grid pattern

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Part Numbers:

B1605 ½” X 3” Core Conductive grid tape
B1635 ¾” X 3” Core Conductive grid tape
B1615 1″ X 3” Core Conductive grid tape
B1620 2” X 3” Core Conductive grid tape

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