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A leader in ESD safety, with a broad depth of products including anti static wrist staps, table mats, ESD footwear and test equipment.

We have all the static control products you will need to outfit your work stations and static safe environments.

Static Control Products - 'Test Equipment'

Digital Megohm Meter

Digital and Analogue Audit Test Kit

Features: Digital & Analogue test kit makes testing all surfaces accurate and simple. Test up to 200Gegohm/500v. Kit comes with two 5lb weights and foam filled case. Test at 10v,100v & 500volts.This unit can test to NFPA77 when many others can not. ASK ABOUT OUR 3 YEAR WARRANTY.

Spec Sheet Series: B8572
ESD Tester

Humidity and Temperature Audit Kit

Features: 10 LIGHT SRM surface meter tests from 10/3 to 10/12. Also tests surface to ground. Comes with own case.

Spec Sheet Series: B8582
ESD Wrist Strap Tester

Low Cost Wrist Strap Tester

Features: Oversized 2″ touch plate and standard banana jack. Light weight portable unit operates with included 9v battery for quick testing and spot checking. Red LED lights indicate low fail (resistance<800k) or high fail (resistance>9 Megohm). Green LED and audible alert indicates pass (resistance 800k – 9 Megohm).

Spec Sheet Series: B8202
ESD Wrist Strap Tester

Wrist Strap Tester

Features: Large touch plate and standard banana jack. Light weight portable unit operates with included 9v battery for quick testing and spot checking. Red LED lights and audible alert indicate low fail (resistance<750k) or high fail (resistance>10 Megohm). Green LED indicates pass. Yellow LED indicating low battery.

Spec Sheet Series: B8201
ESD Test Station

Wall Mount Test Station

Features: Wall mounted test station is permanently mounted to the wall. You can test coil cords, wrist straps and footwear. 750k-100 megohms. 9v battery.

Spec Sheet Series: B8506
ESD Wrist Strap Tester

Portable Wrist Strap tester

Features: Small portable 9volt wrist strap tester great for field service or any area of the plant. 3.5″x 2.75 x 1″ @ 5.1oz.

Spec Sheet Series: B8203
ESD Surface Resistivity Kit

100V Surface Resistivity Kit

Features: The B8562KIT is used for, but not limited to, measuring and testing work surfaces and flooring. this unit comes with built in leads for on-the-spot testing and comes packaged with probes for use with 5lbs weights and it’s own case.

Spec Sheet Series: B8562KIT, B8562
Static Control Calibration Unit

Calibration Unit

Features: Botron’s B85503 Calibration Unit can test our wrist strap testers and footwear testers, making sure that the range falls within our units parameters.

Spec Sheet Series: B85503
ESD Test Station

Combo Test Station

Features: Combo tester test wrist straps and footwear Adjustable from 750-100megohm. Also checks coil cords Uses 9volt battery Visual and audio Low battery indicator For US and European.

Spec Sheet Series: B82450, B82451, B82452, B8211
ESD Footwear And Wrist Strap Tester

Combo Tester

Features: Combo footwear and wrist tester will also test coil cords. large touch plate for quick testing. Cam be mounted on wall or test station ordered seperately.

Spec Sheet Series: B8211
Deluxe Dual Test Station

Deluxe Dual Test Station

Features: Botron’s B8525 Deluxe Dual Test Station features a sleek adjustable black frame and molded foot plate. Wires simply slip into the frame and are hidden and kept safe from snagging and interference. With the dual tester, personnel can verify wrist straps and any type of footwear ranging from heel grounders to conductive shoes.

Spec Sheet Series: B8525
Static Control Tester

Dual Combo Tester

Features: Dual combo tester only. Test wrist straps and footwear(need test station or plates) also test coil cords 9v 82251.

Spec Sheet Series: B82251
ESD Dual Test Station

Dual Combo Test Station

Features: The dual footwear and wrist strap tester is powered by 9volt battery or optional AC/DC power adapter. It will test from 750k-100meg on footwear and 750k-10meg on wrist straps.

Spec Sheet Series: B82250

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