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ESD Logging Intelligent Test Equipment ®

Sentinel Continuous Monitor System
The Sentinel is watching.
The new state-of-the-art Botron ELITE Sentinel – dual operator monitor is a revolutionary design that fuses the latest technology with current ANSI/ESD S20.20 compliance. The Sentinel verifies personnel and workbenches like no other continuous monitor has before.
Sentinel Continuous Monitor System
Monitor more at once.
The ELITE Sentinel from Botron with VTR (Variable Test Resistance) Technology and it’s patented moving scales, is the complete workstation monitor. Not only does the Sentinel measure and monitor two operators individually as well as the work surface; it also brings to the market hard ground monitoring and Circuit Intrusion Monitoring (CIM).
Hardware, hand tools and soldering stations can all transfer static charge. The two CIM interface inputs, designed to monitor circuit ground planes for potential ESD events, will alarm when detecting excess voltage transferred to the circuit board.
Sentinel Continuous Monitor Screen Layout
No place to hide.
The large graphical display of the ELITE Sentinel, brings to the user a dimension never featured on any continuous monitor until now. Personnel can visually track and monitor their actual resistance and voltage in real-time with the onscreen digital readouts and sliding scales.
Brighter is better.
With it’s bright 128×64 LCD digital display and vivid multicolor LED back lit indicators, the ELITE Sentinel illuminates the device with real time data.
PLC relay control.
The DSP microcontroller (Digitally Signal Processor microcontroller) on the back side of the Sentinel is used to monitor the work surface and ground and features a programmable 3 position PLC relay terminal. The PLC relay connection can be used to control power to ionization, light towers, gated terminals and much more.
The whole package.
The ELITE Sentinels’ stainless steel case is loaded with a plethora of components expected of a cutting edge device. Packed with ports, jacks and terminals including, 1 USB programming connection, 2 RJ11 data ports, 2 ground plane monitor jacks, and 1 work surface, hard ground and PLC relay terminal. Two operator remote boxes come with their own surplus of connections in the form of 2 mono jacks and a data port.
Sentinel Continuous Monitor System

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