True Direct Current
Operator Monitoring.

Total System
Path to Ground

Processed, displayed and recorded.

Browser Based
In a web app.

System Alerts
Via email.

The new state-of-the-art Botron ELITE Sentinel V2 – dual operator monitor is a revolutionary design that fuses the latest technology with current ANSI/ESD S20.20 compliance. The Sentinel V2 verifies personnel and workbenches like no other continuous monitor has before.

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Total Path To Ground

Total path to ground measurement is the apex of wrist strap constant monitoring. In contrast, resistance loop monitoring ignores the most vital part of an ESD Control Program, total resistance of a system. The Sentinel measures the ESD device and the human body down a 2 conductor path to ground. This circuit differs from resistance loop monitoring in which the measurement is calculated with device resistors in a parallel path, halving the resistance for a truer more accurate reading.

*Total path to ground is based on resistance from monitor to ground at less than 1Ohm per ANSI/ESD S6.1 section 6.4.3.

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The Sentinel V2 comes equipped with our OmniManager Elite WebUI. It’s sleek, browser-based operating system, runs on every Sentinel V2. Updating and customizing your Sentinel V2 is a breeze. Featuring an intuitive UI, OmniManager also makes accessing and viewing your data smarter and simpler.

Only Botron’s ELITE Electronics feature OmniManager.

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Technical Information

OmniManager w/VTR

A full browser based software suite giving you total control over your device. Works on all windows and apple OS, compatible with Chrome, Firefox, and Safari.

Real Time Live View

Report Logs

VTR Control


Full Networking Suite

Event Triggers

Relay Triggers

Alert Responders

Data Logging & Reporting

The Sentinel V2 supports storage of event logs; including time and date, port ID and resistance level.

Time and Date

Port ID

Port Status

Event Triggers

Resistance Level

Port Calibration

Auto Alerts

Configurable to send email alerts on port status and power status.

Alert Operator Failure

Alert Operator Back to Stable

Alert CIM Failure

Alert CIM Back to Stable

Power Interrupt

High Fault Resistance/Status

Low Fault Resistance/Status

VTR Technology

Complete control and customization of all monitoring and measurement limits, low and high. Give your device a unique name and description, personalize each operator ID and CIM port (e.g. PCB Jig). VTR Technology is exclusive to Botron ELITE Equipment.

Complete Range Adjustability for Operator

Complete Range Adjustability for CIM

Operator Fail Low from 0Ohm

Operator Fail High to 45M

Mat Voltage Low from: 100k

Mat Voltage High to: 20Meg

CIM Voltage Low from: 1V

CIM Voltage High to: 12V

Unique Device Name Edit

Device Description Edit

Device Description Edit

Operator Name Edit (2)

CIM Port Name Edit (2)

Port Control On/Off

Relay Controls – On/Off, Delay

Relay Event Triggers – Operator, CIM, Ground, Mat

Port Events – Email, Relay, Audible Alarm

CIM Monitoring

Hardware, hand tools and soldering stations can all transfer static charge. The two CIM ports, designed to monitor circuit ground planes for potential ESD events, will alarm and record the event when detecting excess voltage transferred to the circuit board.

Displays Voltage

Event Counter

VTR Controls

Low Limit Fully Adjustable from -35V

High Limit Fully Adjustable to +35V

(2) Banana Type Ports

Monitor Critical Equipment

Safety Features

Event Recording

Hard Ground Detect, Alarm, Display

Ground Loss – Alarm, Display

Mat Loss – Alarm, Display

Additional Grounded Auxiliary Input (each)

Wrist Strap Park

Audible Alarm

Relay Output Control

LED Indicators, Color Coded

Email on Power Failure (start up)

LCD Display

With it’s bright 128×64 LCD digital display and vivid multi-color LED backlit indicators, the ELITE Sentinel V2 illuminates the device with real time data.

Wide 3” Backlit LCD Display

Operator Test Resistance (2)

Operator Test Voltage (2)

Operator Name (2)

Event Detection CIM (2)

CIM Event Counter (2)

Mat Resistance

Ground Connection

Ports & Connections

Sentinel Head Unit

(1) PLC Output Relay

(2) RJ11 Data Ports

(1) RJ45 Ethernet Port

(1) USB Mini-B Port

Remote Operator Box

(2) Dual Wire Connectors (each)

(1) RJ11 Data Port (each)


Interact with TTL equipped devices. Ability to shut equipment off or on, switch alarms, trigger lights and gates on alert events.

TTL Communication

On/Off Functionality

Switching Capacity 1A 30V DC

Power Limit Under 30V

Current Limit Under 1A

Voltage 30V DC

2 Relay Terminals, Screw Type

Recommended Wire Size 12AWG @ 0-13′

Recommended Wire Size 10AWG @ 13′-22′

Configurable Relay Delay


MAC Address

Host Name


IP Address



Primary DNS

Secondary DNS

Test Voltage

Operator: Open test voltage: 1.25V

CIM: 1V – 12V

Mat: Open test voltage: 1.25V


Line voltage: 100-240V AC

Output: 12V at 1.25amp

Frequency: 50Hz to 60Hz

Input: 12V at 900mA


Sentinel Head Unit

4.8″ x 3.3″ x 1″

12.2cm x 8.4cm x 2.5cm

Operator Box

1.95″ x .8″ x 1.4″

5cm x 2cm x 3.55cm

What’s in the Box

(1) B92900 ELITE Sentinel

(2) Remote Operator Boxes

(1) 12V DC Power Cord

(1) USB Cable, A-Male to Mini B

(1) Ground & Mat Cord Connection Kit

(1) RJ45 Cable

(2) RJ11 Cables

(2) CIM Interface Cables (Banana to Banana Type)

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