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Sentinel Continuous Monitor from Botron
Precision workbench monitoring.
The ELITE Sentinel, using Variable Test Resistance (VTR) Technology, is the most accurate continuous monitor on the market. Each unit is hard coded with Botrons’ VTR calibration system that calculates operator resistance to the thousandth of a decade. While other testers rely on resistors to keep within OEM spec, the Sentinel with VTR Technology will never fall out of OEM spec.
Customization at your fingertips.
With other ESD testers on the market you’re stuck with factory test settings and limited to the resistors built into the unit. Unfortunately, not every production line has the same EPA requirements. However, with the built in VTR technology inside the Sentinel, you can time in your own settings for both operators individually as well as the mat surface and Circuit Intrusion Monitoring (CIM).
Sentinel Monitoring System from Botron
Results that show.
Currently the only continuous monitor on the market with a graphical display, the Sentinel from Botron brings to the workbench an information rich feature unavailable until now. Operators can visually track their resistance on both the analog sliding scales and/or digital readouts.

Troubleshooting problems that alarm the Sentinel gets even easier. Have a mat that looses connection or a ground that fails, the Sentinel will display on screen exactly what has triggered the alarm.
Circuit Intrusion Monitoring
Circuit Intrusion Monitoring.
The Sentinel is outfitted with two Circuit Intrusion Monitoring (CIM) connections allowing the operator to monitor test tool connections, circuit boards and other ESD sensitive components for static events. The CIM interface tracks and monitors voltage generated by equipment such as soldering irons and the transfer of excess voltage onto sensitive components. The Sentinel alarms when ESD events occur, or in the case of voltage generating equipment, when it reaches an unsafe handling condition. Equipped with a built in counter that registers ESD events, operators can prevent failures by removing variables that can lead to ESD events.
Work surface monitoring.
While having your work surface grounded properly is very important, it is also as important to verify your work surface is within spec. As other monitors simple monitor the grounding of a mat, the Sentinel monitors the mats actually resistance from its grounding snap to the monitor snap. In other words verifying the resistance of the mat from snap-to-snap.
Ground monitoring.
Hard Ground Monitoring is only available on the ELITE Sentinel from Botron. Capable of registering when personnel bypass their ground cord resistor, the system will alarm and visually alert personnel when they come in contact with a hard ground and safety becomes a factor.
Sentinel Continuous Monitor System
Sentinel Continuous Monitor System
Hard Ground Monitoring.
Revolutionary to workbench continuous monitoring is the new Hard Ground Detection, offered only in the Elite Sentinel from Botron. This built in safety system is designed to warn operators if they have come in contact with a ground. Bypassing the built in 1Meg Ohm resistors in grounding equipment can not only present a hazard to the static sensitive devises but also the operator. The Sentinels indicators will illuminate yellow when such a hazard is detected.
Sentinel Hard Ground Monitoring

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