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The Ultimate Line of Defense

Sentinel Continuous Monitor System
Large graphical LCD display.
Featuring the largest screen of any continuous monitor on the market, The Sentinels’ robust 3″ graphical display is the focal point of this state-of-the-art workbench monitor. At 128×64 the Sentinels’ display illuminates vividly in the most brightly lit work environments and can be read clearly from all angles on the bench.
Sentinel Continuous Monitor System
Sentinel Continuous Monitor System
LED indicators.
Not your typical LED bulbs, but backlit LED indicators. The problem with conventional LED bulbs on other monitors you see on most workbenches is, depending on the lighting and angles they are viewed from, you simply cannot tell which bulb is lit. This also leaves you limited as to where you can mount the device and often causing the need for the unit to be pointed directly at the operator.

A view from all angles.
The backlit LED indicators featured on the Sentinel are them same indicators featured on our acclaimed Elite Test Station. Not matter where the Sentinel is mounted, or from what angle it is viewed on the workbench, there is no mistaking a pass from fail, hard ground, ect.
Botron Elite Sentinel Monitor
Stainless steel body.
The Sentinel from Botron, wrapped in a sleek stainless steel chassis with brushed finish, is the new center piece of today’s workbench. Its multi-mount stand gives you the versatility to mount the Sentinel virtually anywhere on the workbench. With it’s easy to access ports and inputs, setting up the Sentinel is piece of cake. No more worrying about wires crisscrossing all over your workbench.
Elite Sentinel CMS from Botron
Two operator remote terminals.
The two supplied operator remote boxes house two dual wire jack inputs, one for the operator and another for auxiliary (i.e. a supervisor). The connection back to the Sentinel is made via RJ11 data cables that transport information for the operator back to the main unit.
USB programming port.
The USB data port is used for customizing your Sentinel workbench monitor. Change resistance parameters of both operators individually, turn on or off audible alarms, control your mat and ground safety thresholds and much, much more. Take control of your work area.
RJ-11 data ports.
Communications are being continuously sent back and forth between the operator and the Sentinel head unit, analyzing information and giving the Sentinel the ability to display voltage and resistance in real time.
PLC relay terminals.
The Sentinel gives the workbench a new sense of security. The PLC relay system gives you the option to connect to light towers and other gated terminals. Expand the depth of your monitor. The Sentinel also allows users power control over workbench equipment such as ionization units. Its programmable PLC terminals make workbench safety worry free and seamless.

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